Georgy Marchuk

Hi, I'm Georgy 👋

I'm software engineer, indie hacker, product maker, and open-source enthusiast with over ten years of experience in software world. I would call myself a versatile engineer, who likes to get hands dirty in the early stage of the design process, loves to dig into all aspects of running a software company, including business and product strategies, and doesn't shy away from managing a team.

Currently, I'm exploring the world of indie-hacking, building products for people and businesses, learning what it means to find market fit, being a little product manager on my own, marketing the products, and running a business overall.

I'm also the head of the Open Source Software Institute. We're helping open-source organizations get more exposure, maintainers and funds.

When I don't do all that, I'm helping software folks in Prague find the right place to work (reach out if you want to be one of them).

I've also created Swup and some more open-source thingies. We're maintaining Swup with Philipp and Rasso, who are doing most of the work.

I've spent many years working in the agency world building brands and projects with customers like Adidas, Avast, Decathlon, KPMG, Raiffeisen, and 3M, to name a few. Some of that work was done with Giant, and some was my freelance business. Many of these projects have received numerous awards.

Later, I spent four years at Pipedrive, being part of the journey to grow the startup with hundreds more people and bring the company to the unicorn valuation. I've started my path at Pipedrive as a core member of the newly created product team, where I've been building products for the new prospecting toolset called LeadBooster. The products included Leads Inbox for managing leads, Chatbot, Webforms, and Live Chat for keeping in touch with website visitors, a leads marketplace called Prospector, and more.

After that, I've moved into a frontend platform team, where I focused on creating tools for several hundred engineers and ensuring hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide can use Pipedrive effectively every day.

I was in charge of building the GraphQL platform, which included making crucial and complex design decisions, organizing work and roadmap on infrastructure including schema-federation and code-generation tools, and shipping custom frontend client and tooling around that.

I also focused on improving the developer experience for our engineers, creating the tools for easier and faster development, enabling them to ship top-notch software often. I'm sure I'll have a presentation about that soon, too. Hundreds of engineers still rely on these tools to this day.

I'm also keen on creating (hopefully) interesting content. My articles have been featured on Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks (unfortunately, now pretty much dead after the DigitalOcean acquisition), and other platforms around the internet. I've given a few talks to share some of the knowledge I picked up along the way, and at times I left the main spotlight to other smarter people, and moderated the events instead.


These are my currently available products. Others have reached the end of life, and some are still in the making.

Open Source

I like to create things in general. Unfortunately, I'm not creative enough to be an artist, so code it is…


I don't get in front of crowds too often, but when I do, it's usually worth it, or at least no one complained yet.


These are some of my articles available online, mostly created when I was working on something specific. It's really a mix of everything, so you might find something you like.


Only one appearance in the podcast yet, but more are cooking.


There are some of my projects from the agency times. Surprisingly, many are still running. 🥳


Didn't find what you were looking for? Maybe some of these links will help.


Best way to reach me is through Telegram, but you can also go with the usual email way…